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Raedyns Miracle

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This is a True Story about a 10 month old boy named Raedyn who was diagnosed with 2 faulty heart valves.

 Raedyn’s parents have a strong faith in God, and His ability to heal Raedyn. Raedyn’s parents are surrounded by Family and Friends who have a strong faith in God and the power of Prayer.  Family and Friends used every resource available to spread the request for prayers for this very young child. They called friends who then called friends, they st up a Facebook page for prayers, and called local Churches for prayer.

 A week before the surgery an X-ray showed that Raedyn’s condition had progressed and the Medical staff was very concerned. Although Raedyn seemed to be feeling a little better, and was more active than he ever had before. Because of the severe condition of Raedyn’s heart valves the surgeon ordered St. Jude valves to be on hand in case the damage was beyond repair. The Surgeon  informed the Parents that it would be about a 2 week recovery time in the Hospital for Raedyn after the surgery.

 Raedyn was in Surgery 3-4 hours. The Dr. Informed the Raedyn’s Parents that He felt very Good about the repairs He performed, and they did not use the St. Judes valves.

 Raedyn’s Heart was beating greatl immediately!  The following day they removed all of the tubes from Raedyn. He was functioning on his own. Raedyn progressed so quickly that he was discharged from the Hospital 5 days after surgery. The medical staff said that they had never seen a child released this soon. They all were able to see what the power of Prayer and our God had done for Raedyn.

 Everyone was praying for instant healing for Raedyn so that he didn’t have to have the surgery. God had another plan. So many people were touched by His recovery that may not have been if there would have been instant healing. Praying together also brought this Family closer together.

 Sometimes when we are in difficult situations it can be overwhelming and we want God to fix it immediately for us. God’s plan is bigger than we could ever imagine.

 May we take comfort in God and remember he knows what is best for us.  And be there to help Comfort others.

2 Corinthians 1:4 NLT
He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.


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