See God at Work


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Our Mission is to help others see how God is at work in our lives everyday.
Especially through the toughest of times.

By sharing true stories about God’s miracles and work in our everyday lives, is meant to help us all remember that God is present and he does answer prayers.

Sometimes Prayers aren’t answered the way we want. God’s plan can be much bigger than we can ever imagine.

These true stories are to remind us of this, and to help us to Trust in Him.

“God is Good.
  God is Great.
  For what he does next,
  I can hardly wait”
     © 2010 R.S.

Thank You to all of the People who have allowed us to share their Experiences with you.

Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved. These stories belong to the Contributors.
And may not be used with out their consent.

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